Nepal Earthquake Relief  
a mission to build homes for those worst affected.  April  2017
Thousands are now struggling
through the winter under
tarpulins and tin shelters
Both towns, cities and rural areas affected alike
TSB Bank,  Nepal Housing Project,  153944 0289204 00

For any more information please contact one of our team
Justin Jones  021 08372177
Michelle Williams  027 941 2745
Steve Bowkett    027 755 1395
A model of our quick-build houses of
plywood and lumber bought locally
Locals are scrambling to cut
timbers and erect temporay tin
shelters to get through winter
99% of houses in epicentre areas like this
in Jiri are deemed unsafe to inhabit
Our teams for March and April are ready to go and
will be based in the Himalayan mountain area of
Jiri to help the worst affected families. We hope to
raise funds to build 8 to 10 houses at a cost of
$1200 to $1500 each.
Local people there are struggling through the cold
of winter many  under just tarpulins.
Pastors and leaders will assist us to locate those
most needing help.  Please help us to reach out to
them and continue the great reputation of NZer's
in Nepal.