Nepal Earthquake Relief  
a mission to build homes for those worst affected. Oct 2018
Thousands are now struggling through the
winter under tarpulins and tin shelters
Thanks...............  banking to:
TSB Bank,     Relief Fund,      153944 0289204 00

For any more information please contact
Steve Bowkett    027 755 1395  NZ
Our fifth project to build little houses for the worst affected families of the
2015 earthquake is underway
Seeking funds to buy the materials that cost $2000 per house using local
materials of stone, pine, plywood and iron.
Each house is built in 4 days and we plan to do 3 on this mission.
We will continue in the Jiri area of Nepal and Sindupolchok which were epicentres
of the earthquake that destroyed so many traditional homes.
99% of houses in epicentre areas like these in Jiri area are deemed unsafe to inhabit so we are
building using a low wall and sturdy plywood on frames at a cost of nz$2000 per house.
One family we hope to build a small home for