Typhoon Usman.... made landfall Samar Island,  Philippines,  28th Dec 2018
                                                         200 homes destroyed of the inland area of Lope de Vega

build 11 houses at one village from 28th Feb 2019
The plan is to train a team of locals as we construct eleven houses     
Concentrating on one badly affected village we will recycle some
materials but need to purchase 4x4 hardwood poles, coconut framing
timber, roofing and bamboo wall panels.
Homes will cost around nz$900 each and measure 4 metre by 5
Please help us in blessing these folks during
this traumatic time.          .

online donations to TSB Bank:
Acc #...Relief Fund

Phone: Steve Bowkett,   027 755 1395
I saw the devastation in january and really
hope to help at least this village.